About Me

Hi again. Thanks for checking out my details.

I’ve been in and around HR in one form or another since about 1980. (Scary thought, I know!) In that time, I’ve been an HR practitioner, an HR consultant, an HR contractor, a non-HR senior manager and a CEO. I’ve been HR Manager for three organisations. I’ve been a member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (and its predecessor organisation) for well over 20 years. I’ve worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in about equal measure. And I’ve had particularly good experience in bicultural settings.

I bring all of this experience to my role as principal of Franklin HR. There isn’t much that I haven’t encountered over the years, and I’m always open to learning more.

Here’s a brief snapshot of my career—you can find out more by downloading my CV here.

  • Principal, Franklin HR (8 years to present)
  • Self-employed contractor and consultant (15 years, overlapping with Franklin HR)
  • Four of the many contracts I have completed during this time were CEO roles; three with Māori organisations and one with YMCA New Zealand
  • Director, Change & HR team, KPMG Consulting (3 years)
  • Associate Executive, Franklin District Council (2 years)
  • Consultant, Sheffield Consulting Group and Cambridge Consulting Services (6 years)
  • Earlier background in banking and finance (ASB Bank, Westpac Merchant Finance, UDC Finance)
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