Culture, communication and engagement

Culture is like the air we breathe: it’s always around us, and it’s really important. It’s also quite hard to define, and very difficult to influence. Organisational culture has been variously defined as the way the members of the organisation relate to each other, to their work and to the outside world; the set of shared assumptions that guide what happens in the organisation; and just ‘the way we do things around here’. Ultimately, culture is reflected in behaviour: the things people actually do—and especially the things leaders do—which reflect what they believe to be important in life. I work with organisations to understand and influence organisational culture in practical ways.

Examples of work I have done:

  • designed and facilitated workshops to refresh the values of a Crown entity
  • planned and managed the reorganisation and relaunch of the communications unit within a public-sector organisation
  • designed, implemented and analysed a staff survey on organisational culture