HR Consulting Services based in Pukekohe, Franklin

Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website, I’m pleased you’ve dropped in for a look.

Franklin HR is a human resources consultancy set up to meet the needs of small businesses. It’s based in Franklin and services the southern Auckland/northern Waikato area, where I live and grew up. I value being able to engage face-to-face with my clients and build personal rapport with them. Having said that, with technology being what it is, I also work remotely with clients from other locations.

Franklin HR is me: David Gray. I’ve been involved in HR for a long time. As you’ll see on the ‘About Me’ page, I had my first job in HR around 1980. Since then, I’ve had a diverse career in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, much of it with an HR theme. I’ve learned heaps of good lessons in this time, and I’d love to share the benefits of my experience with you.

My guess is that you’re probably checking out the website because you have a specific HR issue you’re trying to resolve. I’ll be very happy to help you resolve the issue. If all goes well, there are many other dimensions of HR that you perhaps haven’t thought about applying to your organisation, and I’ll also be happy to talk with you about these at some stage.

And if you’re thinking about outsourcing your HR function, I’m keen to talk about how I could meet this need.

Once you’ve checked out the site, give me a call or send me a message so that we can touch base personally. There’s no charge for just talking with me, and the first hour of every project is always free.