Organisation design and development

A well-thought-through organisation design, with appropriate levels of delegation and responsibility, challenging jobs and plenty of scope for staff to flourish is one of the keys to success. It’s also a key to staff well-being and life/work balance. These days, the ‘shape’ of an organisation needs to be kept under constant review because of the influence of technology, changing skill requirements, business growth or retrenchment and the like. The resulting change processes also need to be carefully managed—we’ve all heard the statistic that well over 50% of change initiatives fail. I work with organisations to optimise organisational design and to manage all kinds of change.

Examples of work I have done:

  • designed and led a nationwide change initiative for a federation of not-for-profit organisations, which included rewriting the federal membership agreement and negotiating the nature and extent of shared services within the federation
  • appointed by a public-sector funder to turn around a primary healthcare provider, which included appointing a new board of trustees and reviewing all aspects of service delivery
  • designed and delivered workshops on change management for a large Crown research institute
  • planned, designed and project-managed the creation of a new business unit within a local authority
  • delivered outplacement services (counselling, careers advice, logistics, communications) to the staff of a large utility undergoing restructuring
  • led an innovative workplace reform initiative in a local government setting
  • provided advice to the New Zealand Law Commission on the design of a new class of legal entity