Pay and performance

There’s no silver bullet for ensuring high-performing, satisfied staff, but using effective performance management practices and getting pay right are two important pieces of the puzzle. Performance management is much maligned—who hasn’t had a bad experience with a ‘performance appraisal’? The old-fashioned approach consisting of a once-a-year conversation has been consigned to the dustbin and replaced with continuous, real-time conversations about personal development and contribution which have a much more direct impact on performance. I work with organisations to help them manage, motivate and develop talented and engaged staff.

Examples of work I have done:

  • designed an innovative performance-based pay system which included a significant ‘at-risk’ component
  • managed the roll-out of a firm-wide, integrated competencies model (covering recruitment and selection, performance management and training and development) for a professional services firm
  • provided advice to several organisations on the design of remuneration packages