The continuum of recruitment, selection and onboarding (contracting, orientation, induction and socialisation) is an important dimension of HR practice, one for which organisations often seek external help. Attracting skilled people is a growing challenge for many organisations. Designing robust and valid selection processes to identify the good and weed out the bad is something we know a lot about—it’s actually the most-researched area of management science—but where we often fail to apply good practice. And exit-interviewing departing staff is a much-underutilised source of organisational intelligence. I work with organisations to design and implement valid, reliable processes right across the staffing continuum.

Examples of work I have done:

  • have carried out literally hundreds of recruitment and selection processes, from blue-collar workers to CEOs, across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors
  • recruited the inaugural General Manager, Human Resources, for a top-10 listed public company
  • delivered a series of lectures in a university executive programme on the science of recruitment and selection
  • have written and negotiated many different employment agreements for full-time, part-time and casual employees (as well as contracts for contractors)
  • project-managed the recruitment and selection component of a restructuring of the management team of a large local authority
  • managed a graduate recruitment programme for a professional services firm