My services cover the full HR spectrum, from high-level strategy to everyday issues. Needless to say, I get many more calls about the latter than the former. That’s fine—I’m happy to respond to the need of the moment, and there’s usually an opportunity after the immediate issue has been addressed to talk about more strategic matters.

The practice areas I’m involved in are described below (click to read more about each):

The world of people and organisations is a moving feast, and no list of HR services will ever be 100% complete. If the issue you’re facing doesn’t seem to fit neatly into one of the areas described above, give me a call anyway and I’ll be happy to let you know if I can help. Also, if you just need an extra pair of hands to help you through a peak in your workflow or to assist with a particular project, or if you would like to talk about contracting out some or all of your HR requirements, please call.