Vision, Values & Strategy

Vision, values and strategy

Although organisational strategy is, in many respects, outside the scope of HR, it is nevertheless the starting-point for good HR. Unless an organisation has a clear strategic direction, no amount of HR will compensate for the resulting problems: a lack of focus, meaningless goals, reactive management and so on. It may be that the issue you’re dealing with doesn’t appear to be directly related to vision, values or strategy, but it’s quite possible that the root of the issue does link back to these things. I work with organisations to ensure their strategic architecture—vision, values and strategy—is sound.

Examples of work I have done:

  • led a three-year project to design and establish a governing body for an iwi, which included a series of workshops on the vision and purpose of the organisation, and prepared the inaugural long-term plan for the organisation
  • led a two-year project to review the entire business model, organisation structure and service delivery of a network of primary healthcare providers, then project-managed the resulting change initiatives